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Medical Services


Hilltop Manor offers residents the most care a person can receive outside of a Community hospital. We provide care for each and every Hilltop Manor resident as we would a member of our family. The following is a list of some of these services offered.

Medical Services


Our Advisory Physician visits weekly or as required and is on call twenty four hours a day. Residents can choose their own attending physician, as long as the physician is willing to meet the facility’s standards for medical services. Any medications you require are provided by our local pharmacy and are administered by the nurse.


Medical, dental and eye appointments outside the home are arranged by the nurse.
We encourage a member of your family to accompany you to these appointments.
Resident’s Rights shall be respected and promoted by all persons who are involved in the operation of the home.

Family Support Groups

We provide Family Support Groups to family and friends of our residents.

Additional Services

We are proud to offer these services to our residents: restorative care, palliative care, mobile X-ray, laboratory services, social work, massage, occupational and physio- occupational and massage therapies. We also arrange for foot care, manicures, hearing aid maintenance, dental and vision care.

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